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Javier Villarreal Law Firm
Javier Villarreal Law Firm

Houston Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are often not the fault of the biker. Ask for a free consult with a motorcycle insurance attorney today

Motorcycles can be dangerous, but the interaction between motorcycles and cars, or motorcycles and trucks can be very, very dangerous indeed. Our lawyers strive to be the best motorcycle attorneys in Houston, one client at a time. They will listen to you, and they will work their hardest to get your the motorcycle accident settlement you deserve. 

Our dedicated personal injury lawyers represent persons who have suffered serious injury, economic loss, personal loss and future damages due to negligence, including motorcycle accidents and motor vehicle accidents. With our law firm office in Houston, Texas, we’re convenient to Houston and other cities in Harris County, Texas.

Wherever you live in South Texas, or wherever the motorcycle accident occurred, reach out to one of our motorcycle accident attorneys for a free consultation a.s.a.p.

Motorcycles offer drivers and their passengers less protection than most other types of vehicles. Even wearing a helmet can’t protect many motorcycle drivers. Motorcycle accidents can produce devastating injuries such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputations and death. Often, sadly and ironically, it’s not the driver of the motorcycle who is at fault. It’s a car, truck, or other vehicle on one of the busy roadways here in Houston, Harlingen, and South Padre Island.

You need a motorcycle accident attorney who aggressively fights for your rights against the insurance companies! Houston is a big city, but let Javier and his team give you “small town customer service” as he aggressively fights for every legal right you have to compensation under Texas law.

Talk with A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Houston Now

If you are a victim of a motorcycle accident in Houston or the surrounding Harris County area, you may benefit from representation from an attorney who has the understanding and experience required to properly represent you in court. The Villarreal Law Firm has many years of deep experience in personal injury law and can help you in your motorcycle accident case. Motorcycle accidents can be highly injurious or even deadly; don’t delay. Reach out to a motorcycle lawyer to protect your rights.

When proving negligence, you must prove the following factors:

As experienced injury lawyers in Houston, Sugarland, and cities throughout Harris County, Texas, we help our clients prove the legal responsibility, review and prove the damages, and collect the financial settlement or judgment. The Villarreal Law Firm handles all the aspects to help our clients get through the pain and anguish resulting from the motorcycle accident.

Our personal injury lawyers have years of experience in motorcycle accidents. Our skilled team of motorcycle accident injury attorneys will investigate the facts, assess your claim, show which parties and insurance companies are held responsible, and organize all the details of composing and presenting your case. If you think that you may have a motorcycle accident case contact the Villarreal Law Firm at 713-800-0000.

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    Call us today at (713) 800-0000 to schedule a consultation! A consultation with a motorcycle attorney in Brownsville is your first step towards financial recovery. Whether you were hit by a car, truck, other motorcycle, etc., you need an attorney who knows what to do when one party was on a bike.