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Javier Villarreal Law Firm
Javier Villarreal Law Firm

Trucking Accident Lawyer in Houston TX

Been in a trucking accident? Get a FREE CONSULT with a Texas trucking accident lawyer

Truck accidents can be deadly! Trucks are many times bigger than cars, of course, and our lawyers see many trucking accidents throughout Texas and especially in and around Houston. Houston is the largest city in Texas, and a hub for traffic, including massive trucking vehicular traffic. If you or a loved one has been in a trucking accident, you may have suffered bodily injury or perhaps even death. What may be even more appalling is that now you have to do combat with the insurance companies of the big trucking companies. You might be eligible for a large injury settlement, but you will definitely have to fight for that.

Your best step? Reach out to a trucking accident attorney for a FREE CONSULTATION. Javier Villarreal is a trucking accident attorney, with a focus on Houston, but he represents clients throughout the state of Texas.

Trucks Accidents: Injuries, and the Need for an Attorney

Trucks are large, powerful vehicles that are extremely useful when it comes to transporting large amounts of materials from one place to another. South Texas is full of them. We know, as we are considered among the best trucking accident attorneys here in Texas as well as throughout Harris County. Trucking accidents can be devastating.

However, with such convenience comes a greatly increased degree of danger that presents itself whenever accidents involving trucks occur. The sheer size of trucks puts all other motorists at great risk of injury when involved in a collision with trucks, and the variety of ways in which a person can be injured is unfortunate trucking accident attorney in Houston TX.

Trucking accidents happen, and when they do, people call one of the best – if not the best – trucking accident law firm in South Texas, the Villarreal Law Firm and our team of injury lawyers. Others think of us as the personal injury lawyers that “do trucking” in a friendly but forceful way.

Trucks and Trucking Accidents: Questions, Answers, and Resources

We’ve represented more than our fair share of trucking accident victims. Our Texas trucking accident lawyers get many questions when it comes to trucking accidents. While nothing on this page on our website should be taken as “legal advice,” here are some of the most common.

Q. My car was hit by a semi-truck and I was injured; what do I do?

First, seek medical help for your injuries. Second, preserve information about the accident. Take photographs not just of your vehicle but of the truck as well. Document everything that you can. Third, do not admit fault. Whether you are at fault is a legal issue, and there is no benefit to you admitting fault. You may not be correct as the law is complex. Fourth, contact a trucking accident attorney who services Houston, Texas. To receive fair compensation from a trucking accident, you will need the best truck accident lawyer in Houston to work for your interests. As top-rated personal injury attorneys, our legal team will get right to work and contact the insurance carriers immediately. A claim can include compensation for; vehicle repair and replacement, medical expenses, and the cost of future medical treatment. A quick settlement can help ease the financial stress after you’ve been hit by a semi-truck or 18-wheeler.

Q. How do I get insurance to pay me for injuries from a truck wreck?

Insurance makes its money by not paying out settlements! Our trucking accident attorneys and team can help you file a claim with your own car insurance carrier, but several parties can be liable after a trucking accident. Trucking companies carry extensive liability insurance and may be responsible for paying for damages. If other drivers are involved, their insurance companies could also be liable and owe you compensation. Trucking accidents can be horrendous and they can also be horrendously complicated.

Q. I hit a semi-truck; is it my fault?

Not necessarily. Do not admit guilt to the other party, the police, or insurance as you may not be correct. Speak with a trucking attorney as soon as you can. Before you respond to any of the insurance carriers involved, it’s a good idea to call one of our trucking accident attorneys in Houston. Each trucking accident is unique, and our experienced legal team will thoroughly examine truck crash details.  The complexity of injury trucking accidents means that you may really benefit from an experienced legal team.

Q. How many trucking accidents happen in Harris County, Texas, in a year?

Trucking accidents are a significant problem not just in Harris County but throughout Texas. Here is an interesting article on how trucking accidents are dramatically increasing throughout Texas.  Regardless of the gross number of trucking wrecks, only one accident matters: yours. Your unique situation will impact your rights under the law, and you need a trucking accident lawyer to aggressively fight for you and your rights!

Q. What are the most common causes of truck accidents?

Driver error is the most prevalent reason for a truck crash. Other causes for truck accidents include extreme weather conditions, unsecured cargo, and mechanical defects with the vehicle. A common mistake by car drivers is moving into a large truck’s blind spot. This is where the truck driver cannot see the vehicle is driving directly next to, or behind them. Then, let’s be honest. The sheer size of Houston and the bad habits of many drivers across its congested roads increases the number and injury nature of accidents in the Houston metro area.

Resources for Trucking Accidents in South Texas

Here are some common resources for trucking accidents in South Texas. First, there’s the Texas Department of Transportation which keeps statistics on trucking accidents in South Texas. Second, there’s the US Department of Transportation, which tracks truck accidents not just in Houston Texas or Harris County or even the State of Texas but throughout the entire nation. Next there is the Texas Trucking Association and even information about trucking and for truckers. 


Consult a Trucking Attorney for an Evaluation

People looking for honest, reliable, and best-in-class trucking accident lawyers in Houston Texas come to our team of attorneys, and let us fight for their rights. You won’t know what kind of settlement you may get without consulting a licensed attorney. Don’t get injured twice: once in the accident, and once again by passively expecting insurance companies to “do the right thing.” Fight for your rights!

Please call us today at 713-800-0000 for a free consultation, and a knowledgeable Houston Texas truck accident attorney at the Villarreal Law Firm will examine every aspect of your case to ensure that your rights are upheld in a court of law, and negligent parties are rightfully held accountable for their actions. With our offices in Houston, Texas, we’re convenient to all of Harris County – from Houston to Brownsville, and everywhere in between.

Factoid about Houston Texas

In 1826, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna ordered the destruction of the very first settlement in Houston, Texas. Santa Anna was a Mexican general and he wanted to capture the Texas soldiers who were with Sam Houston. The city gets its name from Sam Houston, who later becomes the first president of the Republic of Texas. During the Battle of San Jacinto, just outside the city limits now, they captured Santa Anna. This led to the freedom of Texas in 1836, ten years after Santa Anna first started pursuing Sam Houston. Sam Houston is best known for his capture and defeat of Santa Anna. Aside from that, Houston also became governor of Tennessee, a U.S. senator, and governor of Texas.


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