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Houston Personal Injury Attorney

Have you been injured? Reach out to a personal injury attorney for a free consultation

Personal injury attorneys can help to protect your rights against other parties and insurance companies after an injury accident. A top-rated personal injury attorney here in the Houston, Texas, area can evaluate your potential claim and help you to get the settlement you deserve.

If you’ve suffered an accident in Houston, nearby cities like Sugarland, or other cities in Harris County, reach out immediately for a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our top personal injury attorneys. Our attorneys are known as among the best personal injury lawyers not only in Houston but throughout Texas. Whether it’s a car wreck, a trucking accident, or even a slip and fall injury, our lawyers are ready to help fight for your rights and the settlement you deserve.

Facts about Personal Injury

A personal injury accident is never a planned event. The accident comes suddenly, without warning and can be devastating. In one short moment in time, your life may be changed forever. The National Safety Council has reported that between 2001 and 2005, over 24,000,000 Americans suffered disabling or debilitating personal injuries. Personal injury can mean loss of wages, mounting medical bills, reduced earning capacity, permanent pain and suffering, loss of consortium and more. If you’ve been injured, don’t second-guess your legal rights. Contact a personal injury lawyer today for help.

Auto accidents and large truck accidents are two common causes of personal injury that may be due to the negligence of another. Not surprisingly, people often search for auto accident attorneys in Houston or even something as arcane as an 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Houston, and end up at our Texas law firm. Our team of injury lawyers is standing by to help – starting with an initial case evaluation. All are licensed to practice law in Texas and many are known in Harris County, Houston, Sugarland, and all communities throughout the County as best-in-class attorneys when it comes to fighting for top-dollar settlements case by case.

Facts on Personal Injury Law

Nearly two-thirds of all injuries suffered in vehicle accidents result in permanent damage. Vehicle accidents can be serious with injuries including but not limited to multiple broken bones, spinal cord injury, burn injury, brain trauma, permanent scarring, emotional trauma and death. If you’ve suffered any type of injury, reach out to an injury lawyer today for a free consultation.

Indeed, accidents with 18 wheelers or trucks are even more devastating. A truck collision (between a truck and a car) almost always means there will be serious injuries. These large trucks are usually owned by large trucking companies with several attorneys available to them at all times. Do not be mistaken, they are not looking out for your best interests. Their words do not reflect their true intentions. You need an advocate to speak with these attorneys on your behalf. Our personal injury attorneys are experts at trucking accidents with experience in cases involving large trucks and the companies that own them. Our litigation team has the resources, experience, knowledge and desire to work to protect your rights and seek full compensation for your damages. We believe you deserve the best injury settlement that can be achieved under Texas law.

Injury Lawyer Protect Your Rights

After sustaining a personal injury of any kind, you may be overwhelmed. You may be facing loss of wages, medical bills and the complete inability to provide for yourself and your family. Our injury lawyers focus on the facts and the law, so you can focus on healing and moving forward with your life. It is your job to get better. It is our job to evaluate your claim, determine negligence, assess damages and determine your present as well as future needs. It is our job to get you the injury settlement you deserve. Let Javier and his team fight for you. He’s known as the “fighter” throughout South Texas, including Houston!

Call our personal injury attorneys right away at 713-800-0000. Time is of the essence. We will begin with your free consultation and evaluation of your claim. Most of our interactions will be over the phone, but in some cases we can meet face-to-face in Houston. It depends on the size of the potential litigation.

Factoid on Houston Texas and Harris County

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